Friday, 31 December 2010


The drink flows
As time flows
The appointed hour grows near.

More beer?
There's plenty of cheer
And more than time to feel queer.

You all may teeter
The edge is twitter
For friends are all tweeters

Virtual bells ring
While whisky Bells chink
Soon you'll be in the pink.

A new year is upon us
A bleak one it may be
But in time we will be free

For now let us indulge
For the bulge of Xmas has gone
And a new beginning for all is here.

A twiteryeanot year
To all of my followers
A Happy New Year.

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Monday, 27 December 2010

The Stillness

The night has slowed,
Festivity has dulled,
It's time for rest.

The weariness settles in,
In time there will be more fun,
For once stillness comes.

The carols are sung,
And the fun is done,
Only until the stillness is over.

Soon a year will turn,
More fun will have begun,
Then quiet shall reign again.

The stragglers in the future year.
Heads that hurt from all the beer.
No loud noise, on pain of death.

The stillness comes but briefly,
A short reprive from Maddness,
A time for sanity in a world of noise.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My existence

I see the splendour of existence.
Light filters into sight that is diffused.
One pinpoint sparkles into clustered stars.
The surroundings blend into pastels.

The world if frosted through.
A haze of indistinct edges.
I see a fuzzy universe.
All harshness blunted

My wish for clarity may come.
But time shall have to pass.
Till then my world is shade.
With sharp light intruding.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

I have tumbled

I have fallen
There are places
Places to fall into
Tumbling into webs

Electronic messages
Written word
A page that has no physicality
A floating ethereal verse

I pick myself up
I am light
Like a pen
A pen made of feather

This page is unreal
Unreal until it prints
If print is typeset
Not zapped through copper.

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Saturday, 30 October 2010



In sunlight I wallow
From Light life is given me
I stretch and give worship
My feet are cool in the Earth

In a meadow I stand
Here to bask in sunlight
I reach up to the sky
My many arms sway in heady breeze

I stand for centuries
A sentinel to the ways of man
In ages gone and future spawn
I am witness in life to be and gone

The grass surrounds me
As the wild plants in spring
of bluebells and buttercups
there they abound around me

There are chicks in their nests
Mother bird tends to their needs
I shelter them from fiends
Hide them from those who seek

The bees, the bees
They buzz around on buzzy business
Looking for nectar from the bluebells
They oblige, and the sound is bliss

The squirrel takes refuge up top
Cheeky scamp that jumps and scrabbles
His nuts he seeks to hide
I oblige with knotted bark

A man child wanders into the magic
A look of wonder on its face
It sniffs the air, and sighs
A rest it thinks, sit awhile man child

Take stock of nature in its prime
Take this back to the others
Keep the wonder for your future
Keep it for the pleasure and for nature

These idle times may never last
Believe in the natural world
It will comfort you in older age
A sunny meadow for thee in pasture

A rabbit wanders into view
It takes one look and jumps
The man child see a cotton tail
The rabbit gone to ground

I live in sun and sleep in darkness
In winters grip I scare in starkness
In black and white I seem to creep
A ghostly tale with headless sheep.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Morning From Hell

A little background first, yesterday, Sunday, I lost my right contact while in the loft.

THis morning I woke up and wondered why I couldn't s see shit, then I remember... So I get out of bed, turn, crash into the door.

After rubbing my face and trying to stop my forehead from throbbing I stumble down stairs hanging onto banister for dear life, on the way down the cat reminds me never to step on it again by digging teeth and claws into my leg.

I sit down to put my contacts in, only to remember loosing one the previous night, so I put in the lens that wasn't lost, and try to find the older one of the one lost. I eventually find the old one, I have to clean it, I don't rinse it thoroughly enough and melt my right eye as a result..

Have breakfast with tears streaming down my face and try to aim right for the mouth, and then go out for the bus. I stumble along the pavement, dodge the traffic on the road to get to the other side, wait on bus that has no number lit up, and nearly miss it. Trip while getting on the Bus, scatter change everywhere...

Sitting on the bus it starts to fill up with obnoxious little upper middle class school twats, I wonder what they are doing getting a “bus”, shouldn't they have some Yummy Mummy with a 4x4 taxiing them to school?

My stop arrives I stumble off bus, navigate the road crossing (causing one or two car swerves), almost trip on the kerb as I get across. Walk down the road to my place of work.

I trip one more time, but save myself this time. I get into work, get to my desk and sit here now typing,

I’m a little apprehensive seeing as this morning has been bloody terrible. i wonder what is going to befall me the rest of the day.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rock (an attempt at writing - probably never to be finished)

A long lime ago a little spark ignited the Universe, from there the stars were born and the galaxies formed, somewhere within these universally momentous creations little lumps of rock and dust decided to huddle together in clumps until worlds were formed. Life would surly follow.

We zoom into a little galaxy known as the Milky Way to a little planet on it's fringes. This particular galaxy would seem to be teaming with life, much to the surprise of most the population of that little planet. There are worlds where the life is purely airborne and others where the summit of their world is the waves of a seemingly infinite sea.

There are only two planets that are completely balanced for carbon based life, one is that little planet mentioned earlier, the other is on the opposite side of the galaxy, again on the fringes. It is almost a complete clone of the first. Except, that the world is almost entirely tropical, the dominant life on this planet are reptilian as a disaster that happened in the other did not happen to it millennia ago.

The inhabitants of this planet have named it Planet Rock, as opposed to the Planet Earth which happens to be the name the inhabitants of the other wold call theirs. This is a little odd seeing that this world would seem to have more swamp than solid rock about it, in fact swamp covers one half of the surface with only one third being covered by sea, the rest is dry and mountainous with some tropical rainforest banded across the world. The
Poles are barren and cold, much like Earth, though with less of an icecap.

Down we go through the canopy of the swamp where cities on stilts have stood for hundreds of years, the inhabitants going about their daily business. Within these cities are always cleared sections of swamp, open to the skies, what you may call a park I suppose, given over to the pastime of basking in the sunlight.

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Hacked off and miserable

Today I have really become hacked off with everything. Work, transport, home stuff etc...

My condition is getting worse, I feel that I am starting to struggle even with my contacts and glasses on, and when I get home, well let's just say I have to take my contacts out and change my glasses, so I may as well have fog in front of me wherever I go for the clarity I see.

My brain has been progressively numbed today, problems, problems and more problems put me to a level of brain dead hat has far surpassed anything that has gone before.

I came home to a complete inability to think. I am slowly losing the will to keep going, my mind is fucked with this bloody condition of the eyes. I struggle so much just to focus out the double vision so I can read anything now.

I wish I could just not bother to move from the bed in the mornings right now. I force myself out every morning, I try to keep going at work, but right now I feel like giving up and telling them to stuff it. But then I'd be finically fucked as well as having fucked sight.

I'm at a point I think that I don't know what to do anymore, I have become hacked off with everything. I can't do anything in the house anymore, diy is out. I'm not confident walking either, so going for a hike is out. I don't think I can trust my sight if I were to go cycling. I certainly can't drive anymore and public transport is utter shite, I had to wait nearly an hour the other night because something had happened to the bus I was waiting on :(

Sorry this is a rant I know, can't help it, I just don't see things improving in the short term, and even though I am on a waiting list for a corneal graft, I don't feel to optimistic for some reason.

I shall now stop, before I feel the urge to take my frustration out on this computer...

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Sunday, 19 September 2010

On Pirate Day yae be talkin like a Pirate

When yea be ere on Pirate Day

There be a Yarrr'in in the riggin

Fir aw yea be hangin fae tha Crows Nest

Thar be no place for yea on the Poop Deck

Yon waves shall thar be a lashin the hull

If yea disobey tha Cap'n ye be roped an lashed

KEELHAUL, thar shout be thrown inte tha wind.

Well be Barnacle Bill goan down tae Davy Jones Locker

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Another day of shimmering sight

My world has crashed
My dreams are dashed
I see no future in near sight

This world is wrong
With shimmered edges
It's wonders blurred

For wait I do
For someone to
Leave the existence of self

An eye is all
But two are better
It saddens me altogether

When shed tear
Will fall in heather
The scots moors will rejoice

Am but here
In fine weather
In bleak winter

The wind will chill
But the heart keeps warm
For what purpose?

To go on?
To sustain?
To the morrow...

Another day of shimmering sight
The edges blurred, too bright
It ends, it ends in daylight shadow

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

There is Words Worth for @mrwordsworth

There is a Canadian
I call him brother

In verse he is
But negative he is not

Of days and nights
His verse is bright

In Scottish Clan
He's descendant

An ocean separates us
But electronic tides unites us

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Monday, 9 August 2010

Grumpy bastard

Sight degrading rapidly as it acclimatises to non contact use, I have been getting progressively more irritable as my wife will attest.

I went down her throat for suggesting that we go and get some essentials today on the way to the dinner party we were going to, just because we would have had to walk some distance.

I feel really bad about that. But I'm getting a bit apprehensive walking anywhere now. I fail to see the Kerb as I'm crossing roads, I'm unable to make out anyone coming towards me with any certainty and as for being able to read anything like prices etc... Well...

I'm having to squint quite badly right now just to write this. My eyes are beginning to hurt.

Keratoconus is the problem, and not just your normal type. I happen to suffer from that and a slightly more rare form called Posterior Keratoconus. The former affects the surface of the cornea and the latter affects the rear of the cornea. I'm very lucky, that the odds are so high that your only really supposed to suffer from one type, I have both.

Enough with the self-pity now, I want to go for a short break away from the normal daily trudge of life, but alas it been left too late. Looks like I'm stuck in Glasgow for the duration :(

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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The things we take for granted.

I speak of not the general things, like electricity, the availability of food and drink, nor of the technology that surrounds us, but of more physical things.

To feel the breeze through your hair and on your face on a summers day, to smell the flora around you and hear the buzzing of the insects not to mention the song in every birds heart. To see, ah yes to see vast expanses of land from a hilltop, watch a sunset or sunrise, or the dappling effect of sunlight forcing itself through the foliage of the trees in a forest full of mystical silence

Of these things we take for granted, we think that they will always be there to partake of whenever we wish, but to be truthful, we in the west rarely take the time. Before we know it, it's taken away from us.

We believe that there will always be time, but time conspires against us, we grow old, our eyes are not as good and we begin to have ailments that prevent us from manoeuvring.

My advice, is take the time to stop, go and visit your surroundings, even locally, you will be happily surprised at what is on your doorstep. Spend a little time in silence, remove yourself from the race of rats and machinery and enjoy the natural wonders that surround all of us. It will lift you up inside and cleanse you of the pollution of modern life.

Sit back, and let the world career on towards it's oblivion in technology and noise, give yourself a little sanity back, if only for a short time.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

I can't see it far enough.

I feel like I'm at the start of a downhill slide. My sight is really getting bad now, I'm going to have to give up so much, it's hard for anybody else to really understand.

At the moment I am still legal to drive, providing I wear both my contacts and glasses at the same Time. This is starting to become worse now, so pretty soon if the decline of my sight continues at the same rate that it has done for the last 4 to 6 months I will have to stop driving.

Any activity sports like hiking and hill walking are already becoming problematic, I have monocular double vision in both eyes, this plays havoc with my depth of field when I'm only wearing my contacts, I now have difficulty positioning my feet in safe places when hiking and I'm more prone to stumbling or miscalculating where my feet are going.

Sorry if this entry is a little down, just that I need to get these things out.

Cycling is also starting to become a problem,, much for the same reasons as for driving.

I was always a keen DIY'er but this being denied me also, there is no accuracy in anything i do now,

The joy is slipping way... I can't even look at a vista in front of me, it's so blurred that I may as well have stayed at home and looked at the walls.

I work in IT as some of you know, and I suffer there also, even as I type this on the iPad it is very difficult to see what I'm typing , admittedly I'm doing this with nothing in or on my eyes, but this is because I have now got to a stage that the glasses I have are no longer doing me any service, I see almost as well without them as with them, that is not very well at all.

I fear what the future brings me, a decline in independence, patronising prats that treat you like a fucking child, just because your having a few difficulties. The prospect of being made redundant on the basis that i've become inefficient due to my problem sight...

I'll leave it at that for now, before I got and do something bad...


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Sunday, 1 August 2010


The screams are unbearable.
They torment me in silence

This taunting in hiding
The screaming inside

Where to hide?
Where to run?

Compartmentalise you say
But it screams more and more

A soundproof closet
In a corner of the mind

It subsides
But for a short time

Until the opening
Brings it out of hiding

And then once again
In silence I scream.

All within.

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Gone in sightless insignificance

I sit
In darkness

You see
I don't

I'm missed
But not noticed

This light
I can't see

In daylight
There's night

In night
There is sound

It screams
Let me out

I am sitting
But standing

To bed
In oblivion

I'm reborn
In light

A new day
A new vision

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Apple's I

iTweet iN iTime
iS iWorth iTwo iN iPod

iPad iN iHand
iMakes iT iN iBag

iFruit iS iGood
iWind iN iWillows

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Today I have done techies things

I did techie things, as is my want, the cursing was phenomenal, M$ has a lot to answer for, as do some software companies who live in the tech dark ages of the 1990's

This day and age you would think that they would cater for at the very least XP, but Noooo! I have had the privilege of installing an application into a student computing lab, an application which they tell you needs to be installed and run as Administrator, even have the UAC disabled, and they class this as a Windows 7 compatible application.. Oh and when they say administrator they mean the Administrator account not the group or a user with admin privileges... grrrr!

Still, all in all I'm off for three days now. Next week I'll probably go insane, but then to anyone who knows me on Twitter that's not news :-)

I must now RDP into a server at work to set some permissions on that labs computers so that the lackeys can get on with some work while I'm way :-)


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I am here

I am here
Sitting in the garden

I am here
Taking in the air

I am here
The ambience is frightening

I am here
The wine flows with abundance

I've gone there
The hedge was so inviting.

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

iPad the unwrapping.

When I got back home with the iPad after chomping at the bit all afternoon as I was at work, I had to make dinner and eat before unpacking the new baby in my life. So first thing I did was make the wife guilty by just arranging on the coffee table the neatly packaged bits :-)

After dinner was served, in which I made a pig of myself trying to stuff all three courses into my mouth at once to get it over with in record time, I moved over to the coffee table where the "iPad" awaited in it's box.
It stood there like a monolith from 2001, beckoning me.

The unpacking began.

Nicely was it wrapped in plastic it was...

Of course the rest of the items in the packaging is minimal, data sync cable and plug for charging.

The usual instruction stuff, not that there are many useful things in there, mainly pointers to the Apple site for various add ons like mobile me. Oh and the usual Apple stickers. (I once put one of those on a shredder :)

Ooh it's so sleek :-D

Let's get ready to connect the little beauty...

The only place to connect anything on the iPad, except the earphone Jack at the top of the unit.

The first screen at switch on. Sorry about the flash.

Okay, I was given a microsim to try out with the iPad at the store, so I proceeded tp go through the instructions for installing it using the supplied tool to release the microsim receptacle.

Unfortunately as you can see from this, the sim was not a microsim. It had no hope in hell of fitting.

But here we are now, two weeks on and and a very useful tool it has become, a last snapshot of the screen as it is of this moment :)

Hope you've enjoyed this unwrapping of a 21st Century iconic technology which I'm sure will be as every bit as successful as the iPhone.

I will give a list and comments on the useful apps I have found so far, most of them freebies, in the next blog, be patient ; D

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IPad Apps

Must I bore everyone again? YES!

I have just found this App called BlogPress, you can guess what it is can't you?

This means that I can now blog on the go from my iPad. I've never blogged much as you may notice, just the odd verse and for a little while Twiterlys was a feature of this blog.

This little app is not a freebie but well worth the £2.99.

As you may have gathered from that last line, I've been a little sad in the App department. I have been scouring the iStore for freebies, i have only actually purchased two Apps now, and I've used some birthday money to do it too.

The other app I purchased is? I hear you ask, well it's Pages from apple, another wordy app, sad I know, no games or superfluous things. Hey, but I have looked at a lot of FREEBIES ... LOL

Enough. I know I promised pics, but I'm afraid that they are still going to take a little time. The one thing I may have to purchase before Tuesday this week is the camera attachment for the iPad, though I do think Apple like to squeeze as much out of your wallet for the standard things that should really come with products in the first place.

I'm off to work out a cycle route for a fat lazy sits on his arse BOFH now :)

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I have just recently purchased an iPad, very stupidly I was of the assumption that I could just stroll into an Apple Store on a Saturday and just pick one up. Of course this was not the case, I was very gently told “no sir, you will have to put in an order". It would appear that the iPad is still a hot little number for Apple.

Well I duly put my name down and waited. Not too long though to my delight, for on the Tuesday, there it was, a little e-mail from Apple telling me my iPad was in stock and awaiting my collection, with the added line that it would only be kept for me till the next day. Well I must say, come lunchtime that day i was out of work and on the underground winging my way to the Apple store and nobody was going to get between me and my iPad.

I entered the store rushed to one of the counters and said “I believe you have an iPad reserved for me?”, though in all honesty I was thinking “you boy! get my iPad pronto, I’ll have no dilly dallying you hear?”

While the young gentleman went in search of the haloed iPad i was about to purchase, I was directed upstairs, the accessories section of the store, the place where you very quickly add around another £110 worth to the already pricey item your about to pay for, you think to yourself, “I’d better get a cover for this shiny new thing in my life, Oh and what's that? this Mobile me thingy here is £15 off it you buy it with the iPad” well its all good after all, it’ll be a useful thing to have, forgetting of course that this will be a yearly subscription.

So, you hand over the credit card and pay full whack, hoping that the credit card company are not going to stop the transaction or query it because you never use it for that amount of all go’s smoothly thank god, until of course your on your way back down stairs to the ground floor of the store and your mobile phone go’s off. This is the credit card company getting in touch with you to confirm the transaction you just did for the overly large amount. Of course your not using an iPhone but its a touch screen phone, the automated voice on the other end asks you to press any key to continue… But you know how it is, can you find the combination to release the touch keypad? No of course not, so you the stairs fighting with your phone in the middle of the Apple Store looking like a right idiot, and the young man who served you has rushed off, especially as he now knows you work in in IT but seem incapable of using a phone.

Well I am the proud owner of WiFi/3g 65Gb model (top of the range to you lackeys out there) and I’m just going through the features and really exploring its potential.

One other thing, I was given an O2 package with a PAYG microsim, but in opening it up I found a normal sim which had absolutely no chance of fitting, so currently I have no 3g access, but the WiFi is great both at home and at work, at home I’m taking advantage of may wireless N access point and getting super fast connection.

I’ll sign off now and follow up with some pics soon I promise :)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The ME Society

I want, I want
Give me all you can

This is The Me Society
They don't care for others

What Can I get
What will you give me

Its Take Take Take
And no give give give.

What's in it for me? They ask
Never offering out of heart.

I wish the world would turn
and we would see the You society

Saturday, 19 June 2010

In the air

I float
in the air

Amongst the pollen
so light without care

This existence
so rare

To transpose
on a breeze

My destination
so unclear

Will I settle
will i flounder

To alight
on a flower

Become nectar
to the bees

In sticky honey
will i freeze

New born
into life

the cycle

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pattering Rain in Rest and Peace

Rain is pattering on the roof

The sound is relaxing

It dribbles and gurgles

Down gutters and down pipes

The air is so fresh in the aftermath

Temperatures down but so refreshing

The earth smells young again

The grass revived

The birds are singing

We're alive alive

So peacefully quiet

No gardener noise

My heart is resting

My mind relaxed

This day in spring not hot

But cool and still

My will, my resolve

To be rested and in peace

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Weekend City Summer

The rush of distant noisy cars
Jetwash neighbour you like to bar
Mowers, strimmers just too far
The sound of Summer? Just Har Har

Young Ned's parading around the streets,
Some in cars with thumping beat
Some on foot to thump you'd meet.
In Sun there is but scum in heat.

Intermixed there is a symphony
The birds the bee's and other mysteries
Smell of flowers, Wild and other
Makes your heart and senses flutter

Planes are up there in the sky
making sound in ranges high
A siren filters into hearing,
What accident is it fleeing.

You sit in sunlight on your seat
The breeze is heaven in the heat
No peace and quiet will you get
In the weekend city summer.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Karerra Isle

The waves crash on the broken rocks
And backwash burbles over strewn pebbles
The sun sparkling on the now wet stones
The breeze moist with salty air.

An expanse of sea lies before me
It washes around the surrounding Islands
The laughter of gulls pierces the air
A boat out on the water bobs and sways.

There are sheep on the crags and meadows
Lambs frolicking with the youthfulness of spring
They bleat and skip towards their mothers
To partake of the sweet milk they crave

A castle broods upon a cliff top
Its shadow casting across the land
A lonely sentinel on guard for invasion
A ruined remnant of a bygone age.

A walk around the peninsula
The breeze cool and pleasant
There is little sound around
Weariness begins to take hold

Not far now, the gulls cry with laughter
But you know they jest as they swoop
All fun for them to watch the walker
And laugh again at the land bound

At last, safe haven, a ferry awaits
to take us across the watery stretch
Back to the mainland, homeward bound
Our souls touched by Karerra Isle.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Snippet Two

The mysteries of life go beyond the mere physical, but plunge into the depths of mind and soul where imagination flourishes.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


My mind encompasses the universe, for the universe is in my mind, all that is real is imagined, a life without end, an end without death.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Wallowing

As eyesight fades
Hearing takes place
The world is a blur
The noise Unbearable

Too many landscapes to see
Not enough soundscapes to hear
Oh for a place where silence is still
And noise is the wildlife of wilderness

Mechanical grindings
Tyre on tarmac
Screeching’s of madness
The city unbearable

For the want of a forest
Of subtle breezes through branches
The tweet of a bird
And creak of the trees

A cathedral in nature
Its majesty awesome
A canopy of branches
and pillars of wood

I fear for my future
in sight of its failing
in earshot of madness
In life without seeing

If I wallow in self pity
I do not care
There are worse off
But to know this is pointless

It effects the self
of things never felt
the mind is relentless
it makes you see the worst

Is help at hand?
can anything be done?
Yes there are avenues
but at what cost?

This verse has gone wrong
I go on to feelings
I must end it now
For I will be here for some time to come.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Valentine

This is the Valentine I wrote for my Wife Elaine, My Love to her...

Do I compare thee to a Rose?
No for that would be of old
I compare thee to the Sun
From where the light shines on my heart

We are two hearts that beat together
In the life we share in happiness
and the fear of being apart
But we know deep down we are forever

We have been married for a time now
I still Love you as of the beginning
My heart is yours as yours is mine
We are but one in heartbeat time.

There will be a time where light will fade
but in our heats no shade there be
for our light for each other will be eternal
Like twin stars in loves gravity we are bound

Happy Valentine to you my Love

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mother Nature's Reprimand

We who live on natures land
Are only here at her discretion
We think that we are all powerful
Until we encounter natures ire

Do we not breath the worlds air
While we remove our source of it?
Do we not remove her dark blood
While we continue to burn and pollute?

We swarm across all land masses
We scar the landscape and rip it apart
We clear vast areas of trees and plants
We remove the habitat of other life

Nature repays us with her warnings
Tsunami's, Earthquakes and Volcano's
Is this a way for nature to cull us?
Are there really too few of us who care?

The Human Race, we are not super
We may yet lose that race supreme
To live in paradise is a blessing
Given only to harmonious life

We must mend our ways Nature hints
But do we pay attention?
Far too late I fear we will
Too late to escape destruction.

Golden Sound

A gentle breeze disturbs the forest
There is creaking all around
The trees have shed their leaves
They rustle in the silence

A secluded beach a wide expanse
The Sea it crashes gently on the sand
A lullaby to make you doze
The sand will be your mattress

A parkland teems with life
But even here there is muted silence
The birds that pause within the branches
They make the song of silence

But to me the hills of Scotland call
With wind and rain they howl
But even here there is a lull
This Silence is profound

And when you wish to be alone
Nothing's quite like home
I dearly wish for Grandfather Clock, to Tick and Tock
Then bong the lateness of hour

All is quiet, but not absolute
For total silence is not natural
Golden sound is what we need
Enhancement to the silence

Saturday, 30 January 2010

A heart a love and hope Eternal

A fleeting glimpse is all that is needed
To fall in love with a girl so fleeting
You both will be slaves to your intertwined hearts

As time grows old as you will too
The love will keep you both true
For love is pure in life so true

Our hearts are one till the end of time
Where our souls will combine
In ultimate union to create new life

A life created in love is a life in happiness
With balanced soul unstained, unsullied
A life in which hope will spring eternal

In Time we are Stars

The light shines upon the lake
It shimmers on the ripples
There is peace afloat the ether

The ripples spread out from their source
A boulder protruding from the shallow bed
It is patient in its watching of time

Time, what is time but ripples on the lake of existence
It passes with but a whisper on through the centuries
Gone before we have a chance to linger

Though fleeting our time may be
Our existence is bright and worthy of the light
The immortal light of the Universe

We may be but an intense flash in time
But do we not leave an after image
On the retina of the Universe?

We may pass, but we shall forever be
As we recombine in the afterlife
To be the stuff of Stars

So from Star dust we became
And in the end to Star Dust we return
The Stuff of Stars, we are eternal

Friday, 29 January 2010

A burst from the heart

There is light
and a shadow is born
within that shadow there is darkness

There is darkness
and a light is born
within that darkness a reflection glimmers

Now there is Twilight
and all is grey
there is hope in light to come out of darkness

The soul has all combined in one
The Darkness is there
The Light is also
The twilight inbetween

In place where twilight's seen
A glimmer of life is reflected in the darkness
The soul shines it's light and all is bright

There is laughter in the air
A place in my heart is afloat
Its free, it flies and soars to the light
It lands in the place where my love is found