Monday, 30 November 2009

Twitter V-Family : The Twiterlys

Okay this is how I see it so far, Please correct me if I’ve gone stray, I will create a chart at some point, but for now read on below.

There are four daughters @krissynyy, @Emily_Amber, “@mocoddle, @edv1873” and their triplet brother @Spideyo.

The mum is @mduette and the dad is @MrWordsWorth.

There are nine siblings on @mduette’s side, six sisters @HeidiTown, @bird42, @fi69, @jcubed1, @sumerbreez, @BlackTsChica and half sister @MorganCline plus one brother @Rusticlad.

There are seven siblings on @MrWordsWorth’s side, one brother @twiteryeanot (myself) and four sisters @gidgetwidget, @mergyeugnau, @kambrock, @miss_sarah_s, @stephiemalverns.

The grandparents are @ArtandDD obviously parents of either @mduette or @MrWordsWorth not determind yet. 

@sad19 is a great aunt to @krissynyy, @Emily_Amber and the triplets, @mocoddle, @Spideyo & @edv1973.

@Charliemcnichol is the Wayward daughter of @Spideyo, so she says :-)

The family also has a dog called @weegeorgy who likes to play with @The_Sock_Puppet.

On the 08/12/2009 the family has became aware of a scarlet woman, meet @Vix_Light mistress to @MrWordsWorth and walker of @weegeorgy.

If I’ve missed anyone, get in touch, leave a comment and your Twitter name or DM me.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Twitter V-Family

There are a few tweeters out there in Tweet land including myself who have formed a V-Tweet-Family called the Triretlys . it all started with MrWordsWorth and krissynyy, who had formed a V-Dad and V-Daughter relationship.

I (twiteryeanot) then became the V-Uncle, MDuette became the V-Mom and GidgetWidget a V-Auntie.

We found a stray dog called WeeGeorgy and then sumerbreez was welcomed into the fold, she has become a V-Auntie as well to krissynyy, that is to say she is MDuette V-Sis.

kambrock has also been drafted into this family as my V-Sis also making her a V-Auntie, though these in recent days seems to be on the quiet side, but when she does tweet, boy you can tell :)

Where the natural progression of this family will end up is anybody's guess. A few of us a avid HashTaggers and if you don’t know what that is have a look at GidgetWidget’s blog.

This is just the start, the Twiterlys are expanding, the next Blog entry will have a more in depth breakdown and will be kept current and up to date.

Welcome to the Twiteryeanot

Hi this blog has come about because of the first social medium I have used in earnest since my early modem connected days when I used to IRC a lot.

Twitter has now become very much a part of my life, now you may think that I am a bit socially dysfunctional, I would probably be the fist to agree with most that this is the case, as I have an aversion to most bars, pubs etc… but I do like a drink. Also I work in the IT industry

The one thing that I do like is a laugh and I really enjoy eating good food, but then who doesn’t. I also like to cook, I hope to create a recipe website in the future, but I have too many things happening at the moment, one of which I am a little apprehensive about as it concerns my eyes.

Anyway hope this Blog will make good reading for anyone who cares to read it, though I hope I’m not to lazy with it.

Your Twitterer @twiteryeanot