Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pattering Rain in Rest and Peace

Rain is pattering on the roof

The sound is relaxing

It dribbles and gurgles

Down gutters and down pipes

The air is so fresh in the aftermath

Temperatures down but so refreshing

The earth smells young again

The grass revived

The birds are singing

We're alive alive

So peacefully quiet

No gardener noise

My heart is resting

My mind relaxed

This day in spring not hot

But cool and still

My will, my resolve

To be rested and in peace

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Weekend City Summer

The rush of distant noisy cars
Jetwash neighbour you like to bar
Mowers, strimmers just too far
The sound of Summer? Just Har Har

Young Ned's parading around the streets,
Some in cars with thumping beat
Some on foot to thump you'd meet.
In Sun there is but scum in heat.

Intermixed there is a symphony
The birds the bee's and other mysteries
Smell of flowers, Wild and other
Makes your heart and senses flutter

Planes are up there in the sky
making sound in ranges high
A siren filters into hearing,
What accident is it fleeing.

You sit in sunlight on your seat
The breeze is heaven in the heat
No peace and quiet will you get
In the weekend city summer.