Saturday, 30 October 2010



In sunlight I wallow
From Light life is given me
I stretch and give worship
My feet are cool in the Earth

In a meadow I stand
Here to bask in sunlight
I reach up to the sky
My many arms sway in heady breeze

I stand for centuries
A sentinel to the ways of man
In ages gone and future spawn
I am witness in life to be and gone

The grass surrounds me
As the wild plants in spring
of bluebells and buttercups
there they abound around me

There are chicks in their nests
Mother bird tends to their needs
I shelter them from fiends
Hide them from those who seek

The bees, the bees
They buzz around on buzzy business
Looking for nectar from the bluebells
They oblige, and the sound is bliss

The squirrel takes refuge up top
Cheeky scamp that jumps and scrabbles
His nuts he seeks to hide
I oblige with knotted bark

A man child wanders into the magic
A look of wonder on its face
It sniffs the air, and sighs
A rest it thinks, sit awhile man child

Take stock of nature in its prime
Take this back to the others
Keep the wonder for your future
Keep it for the pleasure and for nature

These idle times may never last
Believe in the natural world
It will comfort you in older age
A sunny meadow for thee in pasture

A rabbit wanders into view
It takes one look and jumps
The man child see a cotton tail
The rabbit gone to ground

I live in sun and sleep in darkness
In winters grip I scare in starkness
In black and white I seem to creep
A ghostly tale with headless sheep.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday Morning From Hell

A little background first, yesterday, Sunday, I lost my right contact while in the loft.

THis morning I woke up and wondered why I couldn't s see shit, then I remember... So I get out of bed, turn, crash into the door.

After rubbing my face and trying to stop my forehead from throbbing I stumble down stairs hanging onto banister for dear life, on the way down the cat reminds me never to step on it again by digging teeth and claws into my leg.

I sit down to put my contacts in, only to remember loosing one the previous night, so I put in the lens that wasn't lost, and try to find the older one of the one lost. I eventually find the old one, I have to clean it, I don't rinse it thoroughly enough and melt my right eye as a result..

Have breakfast with tears streaming down my face and try to aim right for the mouth, and then go out for the bus. I stumble along the pavement, dodge the traffic on the road to get to the other side, wait on bus that has no number lit up, and nearly miss it. Trip while getting on the Bus, scatter change everywhere...

Sitting on the bus it starts to fill up with obnoxious little upper middle class school twats, I wonder what they are doing getting a “bus”, shouldn't they have some Yummy Mummy with a 4x4 taxiing them to school?

My stop arrives I stumble off bus, navigate the road crossing (causing one or two car swerves), almost trip on the kerb as I get across. Walk down the road to my place of work.

I trip one more time, but save myself this time. I get into work, get to my desk and sit here now typing,

I’m a little apprehensive seeing as this morning has been bloody terrible. i wonder what is going to befall me the rest of the day.