Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The things we take for granted.

I speak of not the general things, like electricity, the availability of food and drink, nor of the technology that surrounds us, but of more physical things.

To feel the breeze through your hair and on your face on a summers day, to smell the flora around you and hear the buzzing of the insects not to mention the song in every birds heart. To see, ah yes to see vast expanses of land from a hilltop, watch a sunset or sunrise, or the dappling effect of sunlight forcing itself through the foliage of the trees in a forest full of mystical silence

Of these things we take for granted, we think that they will always be there to partake of whenever we wish, but to be truthful, we in the west rarely take the time. Before we know it, it's taken away from us.

We believe that there will always be time, but time conspires against us, we grow old, our eyes are not as good and we begin to have ailments that prevent us from manoeuvring.

My advice, is take the time to stop, go and visit your surroundings, even locally, you will be happily surprised at what is on your doorstep. Spend a little time in silence, remove yourself from the race of rats and machinery and enjoy the natural wonders that surround all of us. It will lift you up inside and cleanse you of the pollution of modern life.

Sit back, and let the world career on towards it's oblivion in technology and noise, give yourself a little sanity back, if only for a short time.

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