Friday, 31 December 2010


The drink flows
As time flows
The appointed hour grows near.

More beer?
There's plenty of cheer
And more than time to feel queer.

You all may teeter
The edge is twitter
For friends are all tweeters

Virtual bells ring
While whisky Bells chink
Soon you'll be in the pink.

A new year is upon us
A bleak one it may be
But in time we will be free

For now let us indulge
For the bulge of Xmas has gone
And a new beginning for all is here.

A twiteryeanot year
To all of my followers
A Happy New Year.

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Monday, 27 December 2010

The Stillness

The night has slowed,
Festivity has dulled,
It's time for rest.

The weariness settles in,
In time there will be more fun,
For once stillness comes.

The carols are sung,
And the fun is done,
Only until the stillness is over.

Soon a year will turn,
More fun will have begun,
Then quiet shall reign again.

The stragglers in the future year.
Heads that hurt from all the beer.
No loud noise, on pain of death.

The stillness comes but briefly,
A short reprive from Maddness,
A time for sanity in a world of noise.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My existence

I see the splendour of existence.
Light filters into sight that is diffused.
One pinpoint sparkles into clustered stars.
The surroundings blend into pastels.

The world if frosted through.
A haze of indistinct edges.
I see a fuzzy universe.
All harshness blunted

My wish for clarity may come.
But time shall have to pass.
Till then my world is shade.
With sharp light intruding.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

I have tumbled

I have fallen
There are places
Places to fall into
Tumbling into webs

Electronic messages
Written word
A page that has no physicality
A floating ethereal verse

I pick myself up
I am light
Like a pen
A pen made of feather

This page is unreal
Unreal until it prints
If print is typeset
Not zapped through copper.

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