Sunday, 18 July 2010

IPad Apps

Must I bore everyone again? YES!

I have just found this App called BlogPress, you can guess what it is can't you?

This means that I can now blog on the go from my iPad. I've never blogged much as you may notice, just the odd verse and for a little while Twiterlys was a feature of this blog.

This little app is not a freebie but well worth the £2.99.

As you may have gathered from that last line, I've been a little sad in the App department. I have been scouring the iStore for freebies, i have only actually purchased two Apps now, and I've used some birthday money to do it too.

The other app I purchased is? I hear you ask, well it's Pages from apple, another wordy app, sad I know, no games or superfluous things. Hey, but I have looked at a lot of FREEBIES ... LOL

Enough. I know I promised pics, but I'm afraid that they are still going to take a little time. The one thing I may have to purchase before Tuesday this week is the camera attachment for the iPad, though I do think Apple like to squeeze as much out of your wallet for the standard things that should really come with products in the first place.

I'm off to work out a cycle route for a fat lazy sits on his arse BOFH now :)

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