Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mother Nature's Reprimand

We who live on natures land
Are only here at her discretion
We think that we are all powerful
Until we encounter natures ire

Do we not breath the worlds air
While we remove our source of it?
Do we not remove her dark blood
While we continue to burn and pollute?

We swarm across all land masses
We scar the landscape and rip it apart
We clear vast areas of trees and plants
We remove the habitat of other life

Nature repays us with her warnings
Tsunami's, Earthquakes and Volcano's
Is this a way for nature to cull us?
Are there really too few of us who care?

The Human Race, we are not super
We may yet lose that race supreme
To live in paradise is a blessing
Given only to harmonious life

We must mend our ways Nature hints
But do we pay attention?
Far too late I fear we will
Too late to escape destruction.

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