Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mother Nature's Reprimand

We who live on natures land
Are only here at her discretion
We think that we are all powerful
Until we encounter natures ire

Do we not breath the worlds air
While we remove our source of it?
Do we not remove her dark blood
While we continue to burn and pollute?

We swarm across all land masses
We scar the landscape and rip it apart
We clear vast areas of trees and plants
We remove the habitat of other life

Nature repays us with her warnings
Tsunami's, Earthquakes and Volcano's
Is this a way for nature to cull us?
Are there really too few of us who care?

The Human Race, we are not super
We may yet lose that race supreme
To live in paradise is a blessing
Given only to harmonious life

We must mend our ways Nature hints
But do we pay attention?
Far too late I fear we will
Too late to escape destruction.

Golden Sound

A gentle breeze disturbs the forest
There is creaking all around
The trees have shed their leaves
They rustle in the silence

A secluded beach a wide expanse
The Sea it crashes gently on the sand
A lullaby to make you doze
The sand will be your mattress

A parkland teems with life
But even here there is muted silence
The birds that pause within the branches
They make the song of silence

But to me the hills of Scotland call
With wind and rain they howl
But even here there is a lull
This Silence is profound

And when you wish to be alone
Nothing's quite like home
I dearly wish for Grandfather Clock, to Tick and Tock
Then bong the lateness of hour

All is quiet, but not absolute
For total silence is not natural
Golden sound is what we need
Enhancement to the silence

Saturday, 30 January 2010

A heart a love and hope Eternal

A fleeting glimpse is all that is needed
To fall in love with a girl so fleeting
You both will be slaves to your intertwined hearts

As time grows old as you will too
The love will keep you both true
For love is pure in life so true

Our hearts are one till the end of time
Where our souls will combine
In ultimate union to create new life

A life created in love is a life in happiness
With balanced soul unstained, unsullied
A life in which hope will spring eternal

In Time we are Stars

The light shines upon the lake
It shimmers on the ripples
There is peace afloat the ether

The ripples spread out from their source
A boulder protruding from the shallow bed
It is patient in its watching of time

Time, what is time but ripples on the lake of existence
It passes with but a whisper on through the centuries
Gone before we have a chance to linger

Though fleeting our time may be
Our existence is bright and worthy of the light
The immortal light of the Universe

We may be but an intense flash in time
But do we not leave an after image
On the retina of the Universe?

We may pass, but we shall forever be
As we recombine in the afterlife
To be the stuff of Stars

So from Star dust we became
And in the end to Star Dust we return
The Stuff of Stars, we are eternal

Friday, 29 January 2010

A burst from the heart

There is light
and a shadow is born
within that shadow there is darkness

There is darkness
and a light is born
within that darkness a reflection glimmers

Now there is Twilight
and all is grey
there is hope in light to come out of darkness

The soul has all combined in one
The Darkness is there
The Light is also
The twilight inbetween

In place where twilight's seen
A glimmer of life is reflected in the darkness
The soul shines it's light and all is bright

There is laughter in the air
A place in my heart is afloat
Its free, it flies and soars to the light
It lands in the place where my love is found