Friday, 18 October 2013


I looked up
I saw the world
It startled me
I dove for the duvet
Never to look again.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


A shuddering starts within the heart.
Tremble not you shout in silence
But inward contemplation fails.

There is an Alien awaiting freedom inside.
It pushes at the boundaries of your chest.
It gnaws at the intestines in the pit.

One day if will escape, you think your free.
But as it goes it rips out your heart.
There it will lay for all to see.


Life, it's thrust upon you,
Never did you ask for it
You are thrown out into light and sound
To fend for yourself in alien ground.

Short is the comfort of the mothers arms
Long will the torture of the glaring crowd
Never to know the silent peace of the womb again.
The warmth has been substituted for the cold.

In life you struggle more and more
For selfish whores abound galore
The privileged few you want to gore
Till the comfort of deaths inevitable sleep