Saturday, 25 September 2010

Rock (an attempt at writing - probably never to be finished)

A long lime ago a little spark ignited the Universe, from there the stars were born and the galaxies formed, somewhere within these universally momentous creations little lumps of rock and dust decided to huddle together in clumps until worlds were formed. Life would surly follow.

We zoom into a little galaxy known as the Milky Way to a little planet on it's fringes. This particular galaxy would seem to be teaming with life, much to the surprise of most the population of that little planet. There are worlds where the life is purely airborne and others where the summit of their world is the waves of a seemingly infinite sea.

There are only two planets that are completely balanced for carbon based life, one is that little planet mentioned earlier, the other is on the opposite side of the galaxy, again on the fringes. It is almost a complete clone of the first. Except, that the world is almost entirely tropical, the dominant life on this planet are reptilian as a disaster that happened in the other did not happen to it millennia ago.

The inhabitants of this planet have named it Planet Rock, as opposed to the Planet Earth which happens to be the name the inhabitants of the other wold call theirs. This is a little odd seeing that this world would seem to have more swamp than solid rock about it, in fact swamp covers one half of the surface with only one third being covered by sea, the rest is dry and mountainous with some tropical rainforest banded across the world. The
Poles are barren and cold, much like Earth, though with less of an icecap.

Down we go through the canopy of the swamp where cities on stilts have stood for hundreds of years, the inhabitants going about their daily business. Within these cities are always cleared sections of swamp, open to the skies, what you may call a park I suppose, given over to the pastime of basking in the sunlight.

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