Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Wallowing

As eyesight fades
Hearing takes place
The world is a blur
The noise Unbearable

Too many landscapes to see
Not enough soundscapes to hear
Oh for a place where silence is still
And noise is the wildlife of wilderness

Mechanical grindings
Tyre on tarmac
Screeching’s of madness
The city unbearable

For the want of a forest
Of subtle breezes through branches
The tweet of a bird
And creak of the trees

A cathedral in nature
Its majesty awesome
A canopy of branches
and pillars of wood

I fear for my future
in sight of its failing
in earshot of madness
In life without seeing

If I wallow in self pity
I do not care
There are worse off
But to know this is pointless

It effects the self
of things never felt
the mind is relentless
it makes you see the worst

Is help at hand?
can anything be done?
Yes there are avenues
but at what cost?

This verse has gone wrong
I go on to feelings
I must end it now
For I will be here for some time to come.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Valentine

This is the Valentine I wrote for my Wife Elaine, My Love to her...

Do I compare thee to a Rose?
No for that would be of old
I compare thee to the Sun
From where the light shines on my heart

We are two hearts that beat together
In the life we share in happiness
and the fear of being apart
But we know deep down we are forever

We have been married for a time now
I still Love you as of the beginning
My heart is yours as yours is mine
We are but one in heartbeat time.

There will be a time where light will fade
but in our heats no shade there be
for our light for each other will be eternal
Like twin stars in loves gravity we are bound

Happy Valentine to you my Love