Sunday, 31 January 2010

Golden Sound

A gentle breeze disturbs the forest
There is creaking all around
The trees have shed their leaves
They rustle in the silence

A secluded beach a wide expanse
The Sea it crashes gently on the sand
A lullaby to make you doze
The sand will be your mattress

A parkland teems with life
But even here there is muted silence
The birds that pause within the branches
They make the song of silence

But to me the hills of Scotland call
With wind and rain they howl
But even here there is a lull
This Silence is profound

And when you wish to be alone
Nothing's quite like home
I dearly wish for Grandfather Clock, to Tick and Tock
Then bong the lateness of hour

All is quiet, but not absolute
For total silence is not natural
Golden sound is what we need
Enhancement to the silence

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