Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Are we all in it together?

Why do politicians insist in treating us like imbeciles?
They have less intelligence than the majority of the population of this country.

Just because they mostly come from privileged backgrounds and have gone through slapping each others dicks in doorways at Eton does not make them superior to the masses.

The structure of political wages should be as follows for a start.
Any elected MP should have to make do on only £35,000 a year maximum in wages, and then only if they are shown not to have more than £300,000 worth of personal assets, where upon the wage goes down to £25,000.
Any accommodation that is needed in London for their duties should be provided by the state.

This would force them to be grounded with the rest of us and make policies with fairness in mind as they will then be living within the means of the average voters of this country. i.e whatever they do will affect them directly.

The privilege of being voted into parliament should be just that, and if this were the case, we would have genuine politicians that actually care for the wellbeing of our country and not just there to wield power and shaft the lot of us.

"We are all in it together", I keep hearing this over and over, but it just does not ring true does it Cameron and Clegg? Oh! And I'm not leaving you lot out Labour.

If the bail out of the banks had been handled properly, like, let's say that the government drew up some loans that the banks then had to sign up to, let's say with an APR of 5% and were given a timescale to repay, let's say something like the length of a mortgage, 25 years, you can bet your arse they would have shifted themselves to repay the deficit the country ended up in in double quick time.

Yes I know there are other factors, but the fact that there is no way of really forcing the banking institutions to repay, it would have made sense to do it in a way they could understand, their way.

Now the politicians think that we are so thick that we could never understand AV, they know what's best for us obviously, the poor peasants that we all are.

This country has no proper representation of what the people want. It is unfair that a party wins a vote on the basis of getting only 35 to 40% of the vote. How is this just and democratic If 60 to 65% of all votes are against the party that wins?

Anyway, rant over, I'll leave you with one last thing.

Vote for AV in the referendum, it'll give them a swift kick up the arse, and might actually galvanise the political elite to sort themselves out. They only want you to vote no, because they know they will have to actually work for your votes in the future.

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

The way forward

The way forward
You take your steps
They lead to the future

The past never returns
But there are exceptions
A haunting of past skeletons

Only the present is certain
It is here, it is now
Soon to be past

The future is coming
You have a say in it's direction
Make your decisions carefully.

It will be bright
It will shine
The shades will be obligatory.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Finally a relaxing day

Today I find myself relaxing in the Sun, out in the garden with the distant sound traffic rushing by like some torrent down a river.

It's nice to be out in the garden while birds sing their song and warble sweetly. It's nice and calm, not a breeze and not too warm,
Just perfect.

I have eaten lunch, and tweeted the day away, I may as yet fall victim to the nap of afternoon.

But I fear it will not last, the neighbours little horrors will no doubt be homie soon to make the sound of Harpies a sound to delight in.

But while it lasts, the birdsong soothes and the Sun delights.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday 11-4-11

Today I had an appointment at the hospital for a checkup on how my corneal graft was getting on.

Let me start be swearing at FirsBus... Fecking First Sh*ty bus...
There are only around two of the 118 bus route services that would take me straight to the hospital in the mornings, I was going to take the last one so it would get me there on time for the appointment, but the buttering bus decided that it would bypass out area altogether, thus making me have to get two Fecking busses that hardly went anywhere near the Fecking place.

Sorry for those who have sensitive ears :-)

I can say is that the graft is healing well, but I seem to have a problem with eye pressure. The pressure is not excessive but it is around the 30 mark. If this was to persist for a prolonged period of time it would progressively damage the optic nerve.

As of today I am now taking four different drops for the right eye, one for anti rejection (this is causing the pressure buildup), one antibacterial and two for reducing the pressure caused by the anti rejection drops. It's a bit of a pain to say the least, but hey, if I get reasonable vision back in the long run it's worth it.

They also took one of the stitches out today because it was causing irritation. Was not as bad as I thought it would be.

And here's a pic I took of my eye, look closely and you'll see the stitches:

All in all things are going well.

Ended the day in town, I sat in Costa Coffee while @geeminx went shopping. Then a long boring standing all the way bus journey back home.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

That place

I open my eyes
In darkness I am
Not a sound
Nor a breath

The coursing of my pulse
The thudding of my heart
They drum in my ears
The rasping of breath

In sightlessness I wait
Hope for a glimmer
A spark of light
The rise of Ra in the west

Am I in a tomb?
A tomb of my own making?
Where light is banished
Sound is removed

In time so long
Perhaps but a second
Infinity stretches beyond
This existence is false

This universe imagined
The physical ethereal
The mind physical
The soul immovable.

My limbs stretch out
I reach out to encompass
Existence, it's here all along
Bring forth the life I command

Light floods the darkness
Banishes The shadows
Brings forth the wind
And sound fills the air.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Tree in solitude

Taken on a trip around Arran in the 1980's, we camped out on the island. Wondrous holiday in a carefree time.

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Friday, 1 April 2011


When we linger on the crest of a wave.
An ocean of water courses beneath you.

A crash on the beach is inevitable.
Sand on the edge of the land.

The brush above the cliffs.
The vista that spreads before you.

On to the hills that become mountains.
The sky is the limit they say, but not for long.

Fly high, through the clouds and onwards.
Your spirit free, your soul expanded.

Encompass the world.
The Universe will follow.

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