Monday, 2 August 2010

I can't see it far enough.

I feel like I'm at the start of a downhill slide. My sight is really getting bad now, I'm going to have to give up so much, it's hard for anybody else to really understand.

At the moment I am still legal to drive, providing I wear both my contacts and glasses at the same Time. This is starting to become worse now, so pretty soon if the decline of my sight continues at the same rate that it has done for the last 4 to 6 months I will have to stop driving.

Any activity sports like hiking and hill walking are already becoming problematic, I have monocular double vision in both eyes, this plays havoc with my depth of field when I'm only wearing my contacts, I now have difficulty positioning my feet in safe places when hiking and I'm more prone to stumbling or miscalculating where my feet are going.

Sorry if this entry is a little down, just that I need to get these things out.

Cycling is also starting to become a problem,, much for the same reasons as for driving.

I was always a keen DIY'er but this being denied me also, there is no accuracy in anything i do now,

The joy is slipping way... I can't even look at a vista in front of me, it's so blurred that I may as well have stayed at home and looked at the walls.

I work in IT as some of you know, and I suffer there also, even as I type this on the iPad it is very difficult to see what I'm typing , admittedly I'm doing this with nothing in or on my eyes, but this is because I have now got to a stage that the glasses I have are no longer doing me any service, I see almost as well without them as with them, that is not very well at all.

I fear what the future brings me, a decline in independence, patronising prats that treat you like a fucking child, just because your having a few difficulties. The prospect of being made redundant on the basis that i've become inefficient due to my problem sight...

I'll leave it at that for now, before I got and do something bad...


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