Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I have just recently purchased an iPad, very stupidly I was of the assumption that I could just stroll into an Apple Store on a Saturday and just pick one up. Of course this was not the case, I was very gently told “no sir, you will have to put in an order". It would appear that the iPad is still a hot little number for Apple.

Well I duly put my name down and waited. Not too long though to my delight, for on the Tuesday, there it was, a little e-mail from Apple telling me my iPad was in stock and awaiting my collection, with the added line that it would only be kept for me till the next day. Well I must say, come lunchtime that day i was out of work and on the underground winging my way to the Apple store and nobody was going to get between me and my iPad.

I entered the store rushed to one of the counters and said “I believe you have an iPad reserved for me?”, though in all honesty I was thinking “you boy! get my iPad pronto, I’ll have no dilly dallying you hear?”

While the young gentleman went in search of the haloed iPad i was about to purchase, I was directed upstairs, the accessories section of the store, the place where you very quickly add around another £110 worth to the already pricey item your about to pay for, you think to yourself, “I’d better get a cover for this shiny new thing in my life, Oh and what's that? this Mobile me thingy here is £15 off it you buy it with the iPad” well its all good after all, it’ll be a useful thing to have, forgetting of course that this will be a yearly subscription.

So, you hand over the credit card and pay full whack, hoping that the credit card company are not going to stop the transaction or query it because you never use it for that amount of all go’s smoothly thank god, until of course your on your way back down stairs to the ground floor of the store and your mobile phone go’s off. This is the credit card company getting in touch with you to confirm the transaction you just did for the overly large amount. Of course your not using an iPhone but its a touch screen phone, the automated voice on the other end asks you to press any key to continue… But you know how it is, can you find the combination to release the touch keypad? No of course not, so you the stairs fighting with your phone in the middle of the Apple Store looking like a right idiot, and the young man who served you has rushed off, especially as he now knows you work in in IT but seem incapable of using a phone.

Well I am the proud owner of WiFi/3g 65Gb model (top of the range to you lackeys out there) and I’m just going through the features and really exploring its potential.

One other thing, I was given an O2 package with a PAYG microsim, but in opening it up I found a normal sim which had absolutely no chance of fitting, so currently I have no 3g access, but the WiFi is great both at home and at work, at home I’m taking advantage of may wireless N access point and getting super fast connection.

I’ll sign off now and follow up with some pics soon I promise :)

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