Sunday, 21 August 2011


There are things in the dark, they slither in their awful ways.
Dare you look under your bed in the middle of the night?
You will indeed if you want to take fright,
There... The cat have pounced and caused your heart to thump in the night.

Mighty mice you are in danger for the cat has become your ranger, a flick of claw and your life is flawed, run, scamper, flee from your abject danger.

To fall asleep on the couch, it is the fate of all from time to time, to wake in the cold of night for failure of the awakening, the prodding to have failed your left to sleep in the cats evening chair.

Tumble, tumble stub your toe, scream the house down till cock crow!

Terrible flatulence.... Sniff! Gag!
I long for days of abject bliss, the kind that linger on for months.
A sultry breeze, a wisp of salty sea air on the wind, blown on from a distant sea a long way away.

Picture this, lying in a hammock on the slopes of a Tuscan hillside, the sounds of birds and the trickle of distant streams. The sounds of life beyond the trees, muffled to mer whispers of a forgotten realm of work.

The aroma of Italian food wafting out of the old house, wine and cheese by your side in case you get peckish.

Ah! If only I could go back to that time long ago, where there was not a care to be had, nor hassle to be put upon. Those days have gone, never to be brought back.

The memories linger though, they pray on your mind with the memory of what could be again, but reality hits you, your not in Italy any more....

One day you say to yourself, perhaps one day.... But you know in your heart that that day may never come, forever will you be stuck in the financial rut the west has thrust upon you.

You console yourself with material things, a new TV, computers galore and fireplaces as part of your living room makeover, but deep down all you want is the rustic simplicity of a house on a hill in the Italian Tuscan outback of life.

We can but dream of things gone past, and things that may yet come to pass or pass us by.

Light leaves in twilight

The splendour of light
Never seen till evenings gone
In twilight we linger
To see it's pass.

The dark becomes us
The night just begun
In dark we fumble
We long for it to pass.

The Dawn expands us
To see the light resurgence
We bask in the glory of light
The warmth of Sun in worship.

The light is bright now
In middle day it hangs so bright
We hide from sunburn
To hope in afternoon shade.

Gentle evening cool and light
A gentle warmth it is so right
Alfresco eating, in drink we'er freshened
As Twilight comes around again.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Names of the present

There has been a trend in the UK and most likely in other places, what trend you ask? Well the trend parents seem to have latched onto on calling their offspring names associated with famous brand names and place names.

You know the sort, like calling your child Chelsea etc...

Well today while waiting for a bus I heard a mother call on their girl, "Channel" she shouted, I instantly thought, now that's not right, if I was related to anyone who named their child Channel I would just call their child Coco, just to piss them off as "Channel" is a surname not a first name.

You can hear it everywhere, but it's always the girls names. I personally think if they are going to do this they should be doing it to their son's too, why not, it would give the rest of us maximum hilarity.

I can see it now, a mother is trying to control her offspring, shouting at the top of her voice. "Channel be good, Galliano get back here, where's Rebok gone, Addidas you keep away from that North Face he's a bad influence. Cousin Berghaus will be visiting at the weekend and I want you all on your best behaviour, oh and greet uncle Giorgio A warmly".

Of course the parents have also been named by their previous generation, mother is obviously called Chantell.

Still it will be interesting to find out what the future holds in the naming game...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Food of old

Now I know I've said food of old, but what I want to talk about is the food that was even up to the 70s considered the norm.

Come on, let's face it, what with the BSE & Scrapie's scares in the UK things like sheep and OX heads are no longer really found, and certainly, though I may be wrong, I suspect any kind of brains.

It amazes me that there were so many things that were considered good to eat and use that have gone out of mainstream use. I just enforces my asking of the question "what is all that food being used for these days?".

What precipitated this blog entry? Well, I was in a shop the other day and saw 'The Glasgow Cookery Book' (centenary edition) was on sale and I thought to myself, "hold on I've got a copy of that".

I do indeed have a copy, but it's actually only two years younger than I am, so from the late 60s, I'm pretty sure that the modern revised version does not have anything that includes the things discussed above.

It's really interesting to see what was used back then and it made me wonder at one or two ingredients that were listed one of which was Blade Mace. Turns out that Mace is the outer sweeter skin or husk of nutmeg.

Who says you don't learn something new (or old) every day?

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The feeling

The ache is deep
It shakes the inner core of self
A love so overwhelming

The feeling is encompassing
Of all other senses
To the point of the numbness of self

If the ache could be given
In force it is heaven
Disabling in ways never known

In soul terms it's flowing
Forever it's growing
The feeling you've flown away

Release will come only
If one will succumb
To the end of the life-force of love.