Friday, 22 June 2012

The Day I dropped a Ball

It's Done, one ball has departed the temple of swoon. :-)

I was admitted (committed) yesterday at 9am but because of complications to some other poor buggers operation I was not taken down until 2:30pm. As is my curse in hospital I slept all day till the op.

I am now the proud owner of an artificial ball (this makes me laugh for some reason). The staff here have been good. It's reassuring the amount of times that they go over your details before the operation, no mistakes there... :-)

I was unsure at first if they would do the prosthesis at the same time, but it looks like they have. I'm obviously pretty tender down there this morning.
The worst thing I think when you've had an op is having to use one of those Piss bottles. I mean you don't so much know if your filling it or filling your bed until its too late (luckily I didn't miss).

I was told last night that I will go home today, but as hospitals go, I'll not hold my breath.

That'll do for now I think, need to go fill a bottle again...
Oh and it just so happens to be my birthday today, I'm a whopping 47 years young, way past the average age for this bleeding cancer so I'm told. First Keratoconus now this, at this rate I'm a lot younger than I am and you'll all have to put up with me well into my 90's and beyond :-)

BTW my time zone is GMT so it's actually the 23rd while I write this.

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