Thursday, 21 July 2011

The West Highland Way Day 9

Inveroran to Kingshouse

Well we reluctantly leave the Inveroran Hotel, we had a nice stay here, food was good and so was the breakfast, though no porridge on offer.

Today we march over the Black Mount, Rannoch Moor always to our right.

The moor is a very bleak place, more so in the wintertime, but it has a certain appeal.

I just love being away from civilisation, but as you probably have noticed not too far from a data connection.

The way winds on over the moors and looks as if there would be scarce animal life out here, but there is, only thing is a shocking lack of sheep :-)

Little birdie came to share our lunch.

As did this little cheeky fur ball.

Ranch Moor stretches into the distance.

There is abundant water up here but so much of it is in marsh.

Keep on walking, and the Way goes on and on...

Rannoch is mostly all this stuff, marshy peaty bog.

Eventually we get a glimpse of our destination for the day, you may just be able to make out a little White building down near the bottom right of the pic below.

We arrive! Right! Where's the bar???

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