Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The West Highland Way Day 1

Let's start with some background shall we?

For those who don't know me, I suffer from Keratoconus and have only had a corneal graft done in March. My other eye is not perfect either, so things can be difficult at time navigating down the street never mind a hiking trail.

I decided to redo the West Highland Way as a holiday this year, more to prove to myself that I'm still capable of doing these things, and as an added bonus, to lose some of this weight I've accumulated ivermectin the years and start to get fit again.

To the Way.... "With Pics" :-)
So on the 12th (yesterday) we started off, me @twiteryeanot and @geeminx. The following pic shows how the tracked route we took.
Yes we are being tracked by satellites :-)

The Way stars in Milingavie, a small place to the north west of Glasgow, this pic shows the Start Obilisk...

This stretch of the Way does not really have that much in the way of fantastic scenery, but the walk to Drymen is a good run in to get you going, much of the start of the Way is like this really, there are plenty of way posts to help you stay on track.

Some are pretty large and not easily missed.

There is a constant friend mind that's always visible on this stretch of the way, this hill, Dumgoyne, which is actually a pretty good hill to climb with reasonable views from the top. There is a whisky distillery at the foot of this hill too.

As you progress, you pass the Carbeth Huts, my sister happens to have one (not this one) hers one we passed on the way, though there are new modern ones now being built.

Heres Dumgoyne again, this time with the distillery down on the lower right.


The first day went well, even though I'm a hefty 17.5 stone (at time of leaving) I managed to walk the 12.5 miles from Milingavie to Drymen without too much hardship, though my legs were glad to arrive at the hotel.

Location:Main St,,United Kingdom

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