Sunday, 17 July 2011

The West Highland Way Day 3

Balmaha to Rowerdenon

On the way out of Balmaha I took this of the harbour, there are certailny a few boats out there.

The Way continues along the shores of the Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond passing beaches with some wonderful scenery.

I managed to fall headlong down the path at one point because of my stubbornness and pride, I wasn't using the poles I took with me at this point.
I escaped with a grazed arm,

and a grazed shin.

What more can I say, the going got a little tougher underfoot, and I was very rapidly made aware of my limitations, I'm now by this time glad I brought the walking poles.

You travers through varied terrain along the way, though I do like walking through the natural forest on the slopes of the east side of the Loch.

But even here there's is livestock, no actual Highlad cows as yet, but I'm sure they will pop up, for now here's some ordinary black and White ones.

Rowerdenon obviously have other uses for boats.

All the same, we were glad to arrive at Rowerdenon Hotel where we got a warm welcome, really nice room and good food, the breakfast was top notch too.

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