Sunday, 17 July 2011

The West Highland Way Day 4

Rowerdenon to Inversnaid

From Rowerdenon after a very good cooked Scottish breakfast we pick up the Way passing the Youth Hostel on the shores of Loch Lomond. I don't have a pic I'm afraid, well not one from this time around.

The path from here is split in two, there is the old forest road which will take you half way to Inversnaid, then there's the lower track that hugs the loch and is much more arduous, I'll let you guess which one I took :-) (wimp me)

Of course there are places along the way that you wished you owned, like this little place.

The going is mainly through forested slopes of the loch. After a hard slogg up the road you get a glimpse if the loch again, this time from Hight.

Then off we trudge through forest once more.

Though the going isn't quite as it looks in the pictures. There are streaches after the road ends that are particularly treacherous, though I'll save those pics for the next day.

For now I'll leave you with another pic looking back the way we came.

And a pic of the weather changing on us as it starts to rain

Before long you catch a welcome glimps of the Inversnaid Hotel through the trees

The Lodge is where we are staying for the night, it's a little bit back from the loch side, up a hill of all things. It's a a very nice place as you can see,

We went to the Inversnaid Bunkhouse and Bistro for our dinner and were pleasantly surprised with what was on the menu, not what you'd expect from a bunkhous place.

Yes, It is a converted church.

The place had some atmosphere for a start :-)

Then back to the Guest House for a kip till the next leg of the journey.

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