Sunday, 5 August 2012

Feeling like a pin cushion

Well, here we are again.
On Monday last week as most of you will have noticed by my tweets, I had a Kidney function test to determine how much Carboplatin (Chemo drug) I was to be administered. This went rather unsmoothly, my veins are very shy things it seems.
They never managed to get a cannula in till I had been there two hours (I arrived at 8:30am) appointment was 9:30an, it had gone 11:30am before they started.
They managed to get one in on my right hand in the end. Though this later failed. They injected me with an isotope and the idea was to take bloods at these time intervals
2 hrs
2.5 hrs
3 hrs
4 hrs

Unfortunately the cannula failed, so they had to do the last three bloods the old fashioned way, stab me for each of them :-)
All in all I had roughly 13 to 14 punctures over both arms by the time I got out.
While I was there for this they sprung on my that I was coming back in on the Friday for the actual chemo.
So, here I am, quick appointment in the morning for a consultant appointment, then back at 2:30pm for the actual chemo.
These guys really are good, no problems at all getting a cannula in, not that surprising really. The whole process took around 2 hours, they said that because I'm only getting one session and on the results of my test earlier in the week I was getting quite a heavy dose.
I shall blog a little more later. Sorry if I'm not really too consistent with this blogging lark, I'm not the best at this stuff.
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  1. Some times things take just a little perseverance. I'm so glad they got you right in the end. I'm so glad my mate is on the mend.