Monday, 20 August 2012

Chemo gone...

Well here I am, still here that is...

As you all know by now (not like I've been tweeting or anything) I've been through a rough few months. Now though, it's getting to the end of my treatment. (nothing to do with sanity I may add)

I have come through the worst of the chemo and not had any of the really major problems, the ones that would have landed me back in hospital that is.

The main problems I've had are Nausea, fatigue and certain problems in the toilet department, of which I'll not go into :-) (big sigh of relief I hear there).
I also seem to have lost some appetite, but not to the extent that I've lost weight.

I'm still in bed at this moment, I know it's 10:15am on a Monday but I feel crap right now, though I should get up and have breakfast.

What is the next step for me now? Well I'm going to take part in a Study with the McMillan Trust to do with rehabilitation after testicular cancer, it will hopefully help me with losing weight as well as any financial things that may be a problem due to this. Other benefits will be meeting others who have gone thought the same thing, and being ably to come to grips with it all.

Anyway, I'm off, hope you never have to go through any of this, I've been lucky in my bad luck, it's not that great for most out there.

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