Sunday, 21 August 2011


There are things in the dark, they slither in their awful ways.
Dare you look under your bed in the middle of the night?
You will indeed if you want to take fright,
There... The cat have pounced and caused your heart to thump in the night.

Mighty mice you are in danger for the cat has become your ranger, a flick of claw and your life is flawed, run, scamper, flee from your abject danger.

To fall asleep on the couch, it is the fate of all from time to time, to wake in the cold of night for failure of the awakening, the prodding to have failed your left to sleep in the cats evening chair.

Tumble, tumble stub your toe, scream the house down till cock crow!

Terrible flatulence.... Sniff! Gag!

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