Sunday, 14 August 2011

Names of the present

There has been a trend in the UK and most likely in other places, what trend you ask? Well the trend parents seem to have latched onto on calling their offspring names associated with famous brand names and place names.

You know the sort, like calling your child Chelsea etc...

Well today while waiting for a bus I heard a mother call on their girl, "Channel" she shouted, I instantly thought, now that's not right, if I was related to anyone who named their child Channel I would just call their child Coco, just to piss them off as "Channel" is a surname not a first name.

You can hear it everywhere, but it's always the girls names. I personally think if they are going to do this they should be doing it to their son's too, why not, it would give the rest of us maximum hilarity.

I can see it now, a mother is trying to control her offspring, shouting at the top of her voice. "Channel be good, Galliano get back here, where's Rebok gone, Addidas you keep away from that North Face he's a bad influence. Cousin Berghaus will be visiting at the weekend and I want you all on your best behaviour, oh and greet uncle Giorgio A warmly".

Of course the parents have also been named by their previous generation, mother is obviously called Chantell.

Still it will be interesting to find out what the future holds in the naming game...

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