Sunday, 7 August 2011

Food of old

Now I know I've said food of old, but what I want to talk about is the food that was even up to the 70s considered the norm.

Come on, let's face it, what with the BSE & Scrapie's scares in the UK things like sheep and OX heads are no longer really found, and certainly, though I may be wrong, I suspect any kind of brains.

It amazes me that there were so many things that were considered good to eat and use that have gone out of mainstream use. I just enforces my asking of the question "what is all that food being used for these days?".

What precipitated this blog entry? Well, I was in a shop the other day and saw 'The Glasgow Cookery Book' (centenary edition) was on sale and I thought to myself, "hold on I've got a copy of that".

I do indeed have a copy, but it's actually only two years younger than I am, so from the late 60s, I'm pretty sure that the modern revised version does not have anything that includes the things discussed above.

It's really interesting to see what was used back then and it made me wonder at one or two ingredients that were listed one of which was Blade Mace. Turns out that Mace is the outer sweeter skin or husk of nutmeg.

Who says you don't learn something new (or old) every day?

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