Sunday, 29 November 2009

Welcome to the Twiteryeanot

Hi this blog has come about because of the first social medium I have used in earnest since my early modem connected days when I used to IRC a lot.

Twitter has now become very much a part of my life, now you may think that I am a bit socially dysfunctional, I would probably be the fist to agree with most that this is the case, as I have an aversion to most bars, pubs etc… but I do like a drink. Also I work in the IT industry

The one thing that I do like is a laugh and I really enjoy eating good food, but then who doesn’t. I also like to cook, I hope to create a recipe website in the future, but I have too many things happening at the moment, one of which I am a little apprehensive about as it concerns my eyes.

Anyway hope this Blog will make good reading for anyone who cares to read it, though I hope I’m not to lazy with it.

Your Twitterer @twiteryeanot

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