Sunday, 29 November 2009

Twitter V-Family

There are a few tweeters out there in Tweet land including myself who have formed a V-Tweet-Family called the Triretlys . it all started with MrWordsWorth and krissynyy, who had formed a V-Dad and V-Daughter relationship.

I (twiteryeanot) then became the V-Uncle, MDuette became the V-Mom and GidgetWidget a V-Auntie.

We found a stray dog called WeeGeorgy and then sumerbreez was welcomed into the fold, she has become a V-Auntie as well to krissynyy, that is to say she is MDuette V-Sis.

kambrock has also been drafted into this family as my V-Sis also making her a V-Auntie, though these in recent days seems to be on the quiet side, but when she does tweet, boy you can tell :)

Where the natural progression of this family will end up is anybody's guess. A few of us a avid HashTaggers and if you don’t know what that is have a look at GidgetWidget’s blog.

This is just the start, the Twiterlys are expanding, the next Blog entry will have a more in depth breakdown and will be kept current and up to date.

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