Monday, 30 November 2009

Twitter V-Family : The Twiterlys

Okay this is how I see it so far, Please correct me if I’ve gone stray, I will create a chart at some point, but for now read on below.

There are four daughters @krissynyy, @Emily_Amber, “@mocoddle, @edv1873” and their triplet brother @Spideyo.

The mum is @mduette and the dad is @MrWordsWorth.

There are nine siblings on @mduette’s side, six sisters @HeidiTown, @bird42, @fi69, @jcubed1, @sumerbreez, @BlackTsChica and half sister @MorganCline plus one brother @Rusticlad.

There are seven siblings on @MrWordsWorth’s side, one brother @twiteryeanot (myself) and four sisters @gidgetwidget, @mergyeugnau, @kambrock, @miss_sarah_s, @stephiemalverns.

The grandparents are @ArtandDD obviously parents of either @mduette or @MrWordsWorth not determind yet. 

@sad19 is a great aunt to @krissynyy, @Emily_Amber and the triplets, @mocoddle, @Spideyo & @edv1973.

@Charliemcnichol is the Wayward daughter of @Spideyo, so she says :-)

The family also has a dog called @weegeorgy who likes to play with @The_Sock_Puppet.

On the 08/12/2009 the family has became aware of a scarlet woman, meet @Vix_Light mistress to @MrWordsWorth and walker of @weegeorgy.

If I’ve missed anyone, get in touch, leave a comment and your Twitter name or DM me.

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  1. Wasn't aware @mocoddle had gender reindentification surgery, but other than that I suppose it all makes sense!:P