Tuesday, 5 April 2011

That place

I open my eyes
In darkness I am
Not a sound
Nor a breath

The coursing of my pulse
The thudding of my heart
They drum in my ears
The rasping of breath

In sightlessness I wait
Hope for a glimmer
A spark of light
The rise of Ra in the west

Am I in a tomb?
A tomb of my own making?
Where light is banished
Sound is removed

In time so long
Perhaps but a second
Infinity stretches beyond
This existence is false

This universe imagined
The physical ethereal
The mind physical
The soul immovable.

My limbs stretch out
I reach out to encompass
Existence, it's here all along
Bring forth the life I command

Light floods the darkness
Banishes The shadows
Brings forth the wind
And sound fills the air.

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